Enhance a Bay Window with Plantation Shutters


Plantation shutters are becoming one of the most popular fittings for bay windows in the UK, and this is why:

A bay window is a stunning attribute in a room, one that needs to be celebrated and yet too often hidden behind heavy curtains. Interior shutters embrace the feature and enhance it. They beautifully adapt to the shape of the bay window in a way that no other furnishing can. They maintain the character of the window and emphasize its special and unique look.  Plantation shutters keep the space open and clear, allowing for radiators, furniture or simply open space. The room will look much more spacious. Bay window shutters are a feature that will also make a house stand out from the outside. 

They allow complete light intake by folding the shutters or just opening the louvres. They also afford complete darkness and privacy when closed. The amazing versatility of plantation shutters allow for a combination of open and closed louvres (split louvre array) and panels (tier on tier), or even panels only covering the bottom part of the window (café style).

As well as providing great light and noise control and fantastic privacy, shutters have been proven to be the most energy efficient covering and will reduce energy bills. There are various categories of bay windows, including splay bay windows, box bay windows (90 degree bay or square bay) and bow bay windows, all of which consist of a number of windows next to each other. Plantation shutters will offer the best option to insulate from the heat and cold that can enter from all sides of a bay window.

What about the price of bay window shutters? Well, add up the cost of decent quality curtains, poles, accessories, dry cleaners, or the cost of the amount of blinds needed to cover the number of windows, as well as repair and replacement. Consider the long lasting quality of shutters and the fact that you will most likely never have to change them. And then think of how much the insulation would save on energy bills over the years and how much value shutters would add to your property. Although they might be a bigger original investment, shutters are undoubtedly the best value for money long term.

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