Love your open plan area but want the option to divide it at the same time?

Plantation shutters offer the most versatile option to have your rooms completely open plan, closed off, or divided whilst keeping an eye into the other areas.

Using interior shutters to split your rooms is a genius idea. It is a much cheaper alternative than a wall and offers an unbeatable flexibility. It allows you to keep your open plan area or have separate rooms for privacy, alone time, study time, quiet time, or just not to see the mess in the next room! It also offers the fantastic option to have it open plan and separate at the same time. You can just open the louvres to see in. This is genius when you have a child or a pet, you can see them, hear them and talk to them whilst having them confined in a safe area. Other shutter systems such as tier on tier or cafe style would allow even more versatile set ups.  

Full height shutters separate areas of the house and are used as room dividers