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More and more UK home owners are realising the fantastic benefits of our American style plantation shutters. As well as looking amazing, here are some of the reasons you should get Plantation Shutters:

  • Clean and Low Maintenance 

Interior shutters do not gather dust like fabric furnishings. They are neat and by far THE BEST OPTION FOR INDIVIDUALS WHO SUFFER FROM ALLERGIES.

  • Suit Every Style

Plantation shutters dress up any room and truly transform your home. They suit country style as much as ultra modern decors and will adapt to your changing needs. They award your home the stamp of timeless elegance. Our shutters are bespoke, made to measure to fit every window and suit every colour and style. They are the up and coming 'must' for patio doors, wardrobes, cupboards or room separators.


Shutters can GREATLY REDUCE YOUR ENERGY BILLS by providing a layer of insulation and reducing heat loss. They allow you to regulate the temperature of your rooms and control the heat gain and loss in your house.

Click on the link to read the BBC Report stating that shutters 'act as as double glazing'.

  • Energy Efficient

Plantation shutters provide a layer of insulation and help you REGULATE THE TEMPERATURE. They keep your room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

interior shutters are energy efficient

'Good quality shutters can add timeless elegance', from Phil Spencer's Top Tips on 'how to add value to your home' .

  • Add Value to Your House

Plantation shutters will increase the value of your property. They give your home an elegant and well maintained look.

  • Offer Privacy and Security

The perfect solution to see out without being seen. Louvred shutters, even when they are tilted open allow limited or no visibility inside the house.  They are the perfect solution for privacy, in particular for ground floor windows, doors and conservatories. Tier on tier shutters and café style shutters are excellent options for privacy. They look amazing on bay windows. Shutters are also very effective as a security measure in the home. They are a great deterrent for outsiders.  And they offer all this without affecting the lighting and ventilation. 

  • Reduce Noise

Made to measure shutters are one of the most efficient ways to reduce noise pollution. Often made of wood, bespoke shutters are built to fit perfectly across the window without leaving any gaps. As such, they act as a barrier that absorbs the noise from the outside and prevents it from entering the room.   

  • Save Space

Window shutters and patio shutters offer unbeatable flexibility and resilience to your rooms. They are fitted perfectly on your windows and do not take any extra space in your home. They are neat and simple. You will avoid any fire hazard that curtains over radiators might cause or fabric hanging over furniture. They do not take up any room and leave your interior clear for you to arrange freely.

  • Light Control

Bedroom shutters better than blinds

Plantation Shutters allow complete control over the light you let in your room. If you want complete darkness in the room, solid panel shutters or blackout shutters (louvred shutters with blackout option) are a must. If you want light, shutters look fantastic opened, they give a room an elegant continental feel. You can also close the panels and open the louvres to the maximum, or regulate the amount of light by moving their position. If you are overlooked, for example due to your window giving out on the street, Cafe style shutters and tier-on-tier shutters offer even greater versatility around light control, whilst maintaining maximum privacy at all times. 

  • Long Lasting

Inside shutters do not fade, they are a smart long term investment for your property. Most of our shutter ranges are wooden shutters and we offer many different material and price options. Yet, the quality of all our products is premium and excellent. The only difference between our lowest price shutters (Seattle Range) and our most expensive (Vancouver Range) is the material used and finishing required.  The ShutterShack has got an outstanding record for the care and expertise applied in shutter installations. We guarantee that your shutters are installed by an experienced and qualified shutter expert who truly takes pride in finishing the job to the highest standard. You can rest assured that every screw will be tight and every single aspect of the installation covered.

shutters blinds for patio doors
  • Protect Your Furnishings

Shutters can be positioned to allow maximum light in the room whist preventing your furniture, sofas, carpets, rugs from being exposed to the damage of direct sunlight.

  • Safe for Children

Plantation shutters are ideal for play rooms and children's rooms. They offer a versatile option that keeps your mind at ease. Find out more about our child safe product.

shutters are eco friendly

The ShutterShack endeavours to demonstrate a genuine commitment to the environment and offers an eco friendly shutter range. Our certified sustainable Paulownia hardwood is sourced from sustainable plantations; it is a fast growing tree, allowing it to be harvested every 7-10 years. It is able to regenerate from the existing roots which are left undamaged and this regrowth can occur many times.

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Find out more about protecting the world’s forests on the Forestry Stewardship Council website.

Plantation Shutters are the most versatile window and door coverings, room separators and useful home improvement products.

Click to Find Out about the Origins of Shutters

Click to Find Out about the Origins of Shutters